• Pip Gorringe

What Glow in The Dark Slime Looks Like

Check out our glow in the dark slime video below to see what your glow in the dark slime will look like.

We'll be doing a glow in the dark slime workshop soon(ish) around the following areas:

Staffordshire - Burton Upon Trent

Warwickshire - Tamworth

Leicestershire - Coalville

Derbyshire - Swadlincote

So keep an eye on our Workshops page to find out further information for when this is available.

Please remember when playing with glow in the dark slime it needs a chance to 'charge' first which means leaving it near light, either in a light room or in the sun (you can do this while it is inside a clear container so that is doesn't dry out.) The more exposure the glow in the dark slime has to sunlight the brighter it is going to be once in the dark.

To play with glow in the dark slime you are either going to need a room with no windows in it - then turn out the lights. Or you will need to wait until night time and then turn out all the lights in the room and surrounding rooms to make it as dark as possible to give the slime as much chance as it can to glow brightly for you!

Please send us your videos and pictures of you playing with your glow in the dark slimes, we would love to see them!

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