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Fun & Easy Slime Recipe That Works!

Slime parties are our most popular party and therefore every weekend we make a LOT of slime. Whether that's fluffy slime, crunchie slime, pigment slime or glow in the dark slime. Or everything and anything in-between! We usually use our Slime Workshops to introduce some new slime to children and do something a little different and our tried and tested slimes are made in the parties to ensure that children make a perfect slime to take home with them.


200ml White Glue (Any brand is fine)

1 Teaspoon of Baking Powder

4-6 drops of food colouring

7.5ml - 10ml of Saline Solution (must contain Boric Acid and sodium chloride)


Mixing Bowl

Mixing Spoon or Wooden Spoon



Step 1:

Pour 200ml of white glue into the mixing bowl

Step 2:

Add 4-6 drops of colouring and stir (You don't want to add too many as it makes it harder to activate)

Step 3:

Add 1 heaped teaspoon of Baking Powder and stir - make sure to stir any lumps out!

Step 4:

Put in 7.5ml of the Saline Solution and stir really really well. It will start forming quite quickly but please make sure you stir it properly before putting in any more drops of saline solution as it can take some time for everything to start reacting and you want to make sure all ingredients are fully incorporated before adding it any more solution so that you can avoid over activating your slime.

Step 5:

Check that it has activated correctly, you should be able to put two fingers into the slime and bring them away without any slime sticking to them.

Step 6:

Add things to your slime! Choose from foam balls, beads, glitter or get creative and choose whatever you like! This slime is quite sticky so easy to add things to and keep it. It's also very fun to stretch out, crunch, click and make bubbles with - so now enjoy playing with your slime.

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