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Best DIY craft gifts for Father’s Day

1 – Father’s Day Shirt Card

Every father loves a card on father’s day; why not make your card extra special by making the front of the card look like a shirt?

You Will Need:

· A4 Coloured Card

· Buttons

· Coloured Pens

· Double Sided Tape

· Scissors

What To Do:

Get a sheet card in your dad’s favourite colour and fold it in half to resemble a card.

Starting from the back of the card, start to cut along the top about two inches down, when you get to the told, cut upwards and remove the back rectangle of card.

Then on the front of the card, only cut in one inch from there. Then cut an inch from the other side, which will leave two tabs.

Then fold the two tabs inwards at an angle, to create the shape of the collar. Either glue or use double-sided tape to keep these tabs in place.

Take another sheet of card to make the tie – maybe ask Dad if he has a 2nd favourite colour, or choose yours! Cut out the shape of a tie or bow, whichever you prefer. You can make this as big or as small as you like but tie to make sure it fits on the shirt. You can then cut some stripes out of another piece of card and attach them with double-sided tape, or you can colour in your own stripes.

Using the double-sided tape, secure the tie into place at the top of the shirt, under the collar.

Using a felt tip in the same colour as your card, draw a pocket on one side, and then stick on buttons on the collar and under the tie.

Finish off by writing a lovely message to your dad inside the card!

2 – Father’s Day Treat Jar

This is a great present for older children to make for Dad, they decorate the jar and decide on different ‘treats’ that they can do for Dad. Costs nothing but time and love!

You Will Need:

· Storage Jar

· Letter Stickers

· Football Stickers

· Décopatch Paper

· Scissors

· Glass Paint Pens

· Coloured Pens

· Coloured Paper

What To Do:

Grab an empty clear, clean jar, as big or as small as you think you will need. Start to tear off pieces of Décopatch paper and glue them onto the lid of the jar.

While the glue or the jar is drying, decorate your glass jar either with foam stickers or glass paint pens.

Once the lid has dried, add Foam Letters to spell out the words ‘Dad’s Treat Jar’.

Cut of strips of paper and write in different coloured pens a different ‘treat’ on each slip, such as ‘make breakfast in bed’ or ‘wash car’ or even ‘let Dad have a lie in’. Put as many slips of paper in that you would like and present it to your Dad as a gift. Any time he fancies a treat, he just needs to pull a slip of paper out of the Jar!

3 – Father’s Day Bow Tie

A fun and easy gift for younger children to make for their father (with supervision!) Make this comedy bow tie for Dad to wear around the house – or even out to dinner!

What You Need:

· Colourful Felt Sheets

· Wool

· Self-Adhesive Foam Stickers/Letters

· Acrylic Paint Pens

· Glue

· Ribbon

· Scissors

What To Do:

Get a sheet of felt in your Dad’s favourite colour. Gather it in the middle and tie a short piece of wool or ribbon around the middle to hold it in position.

Get some ribbon in a colour of your choice and cut a piece of around 60cm long. Place the middle of the ribbon at the back of the bow and tie your wool in the middle of the felt around this ribbon to hold it in place.

Get another piece of felt in the same colour and cut out a piece, around 3cm wide and stick this around the centre of the bow which will hide the wool. Make sure you leave the ribbons ends free.

While the glue is drying, decorate your bow tie with foam stickers or acrylic paint pens and spell out ‘Best Dad’ or something similar.


Of course, the best gift of all that you could give your Father is quality time! We're making Father's Day crafty gifts at our Father Days' craft session on the 16th of June 2019, come along and spend some quality crafty time with your dad.

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