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How To Make a Huge Slime Bubble

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Slime is great fun to play with and a massive stress reliever. You can make slime bubbles with either white or clear slime however personally I prefer to do huge slimes with clear slime as it's a little stretchier. You might have seen us do huge slime bubbles at some of our slime workshops or if you've attend a slime birthday party.

As the video shows, to make a massive slime bubble you will need someone to help you. Both grab a side of the slime and very slowly and gently stretch the slime out, backwards and to the sides until the slime has stretched quite thin and is in a rough rectangle shape. Then you will both want to move your arms up and down to get air into the slime then quickly put your slime down as demonstrated in the video. The air will catch underneath it, making a perfect, huge bubble!

This can take some practise, especially when trying it with a friend as you have to be quite in sync with each other and get the right amount of air under the slime. You also want to make sure that you don't stretch the slime so thin that it breaks or creates holes in it. So practise makes perfect in this case.

Don't forget that every time you do this you are adding more and more air into your slime so every time that you try do it again it can get harder and harder to do due to air still caught in the slime. Leave it to rest for 5 minutes and the air bubbles will make their way to the top making it easier to play with your slime again.

Don't forget to send us your videos or pictures of your own massive slime bubbles!

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