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3 Crafty Things To Do With The Kids at Home This Half Term

1. Make Magical Glittery Potions

I could spend forever staring at these majestic glittery jars – so spending the morning creating and the afternoon staring by creating some of these today.

What you need:

· Jar with Lid

· 500g glucose syrup

· 1/3 cup of heart sequins

· 1 tbsp glitter (any colour)

· 1 cup of hot tap water (not boiling)

· Super glue or glue gun

First you need to pour the glucose syrup into the hot water, stir and then pour that into your empty jar. Next you can add the glitter and the sequins and stir.

Next you want to glue the lid of the jar on. Add a line of strong glue around the screw part of the lid and then screw it onto the jar – very tightly!

Leave it a minute to dry and then shake your jar and watch the sequins and glitter dance!

2. Make Rainbow Glitter Sand

Create some colourful glittery sand for the kids to play with – make sand castles with this sticky texture that will take hours of fun!

What you will need:

· 2kg Sand

· 1 cup of cornflour

· ½ cup of soapy water

· Food colouring

· Glitter

Mix the sand and the cornflour in a large bowl using your hands (The kids will love this part). Add the soapy water a little bit at a time – you may not need it all.

Do not let it get too soggy as the sand still needs to be dry to the touch. Keep mixing until you achieve a sticky consistency where the sand will stick together in clumps but is still dry. If it gets too sticky then add a little more cornflour. The sand should pass through your fingers without sticking to you.

Now you can divide the sand mixture into 3 portions and add a different food colouring to each section. You can now also add your glitter to each section – add as much or as little as you want for your ideal level of sparkle. Usually about a tablespoon should do it.

Mix it together and start playing with your glittery sand!

3. Make Cloud Paint

Try painting with a difference this half term! Let the kids try cloud painting with puffed up paint.

You will need:

· 1 tbsp of self-raising flour

· 1 tbsp salt

· Little bit of water

· Drop of food colouring

Mix everything together (in no particular order) until it is a liquid consistency. Try making a few different colours and then use these to paint a picture as normal. Then pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds and watch it puff up into cloud paint – your very own 3D painting!

Please allow it to cool before letting kids touch it.

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