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Bath Bomb Pamper Parties

Our Bath Bomb Pamper Parties are perfect for children a little older in the comfort of your own home. Parties take roughly 2 hours and include the following:

- Everyone Makes 1 Large Bath Bomb

- Glitter Tattoos For All Guests

- Fluffy Robe & Hair Bands For Everyone

- Karaoke 

- Painted Nails

- Face Masks

- Party Bags

We start the party by setting up and getting the kids into their dressing gowns and hair bands, then we teach them all how to make a bath bomb each, which they can later take home in their party bags. We then put on the karaoke for them to have a sing along to while we do their glitter tattoos and paint their nails and do their festival glitter.


Pamper Parties and Bath Bomb making are a massive hit so why not combine the two and Contact Us today to find out our availability for your child's birthday party!