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Pipsqueak Party provide Arts and Crafts parties for children. We have something for every age, interest and gender so that everyone is happy. Create dream catchers, precious keepsake boxes, superhero capes and mask and much more! 


Every child will create, paint and decorate something depending on the theme chosen, there will also be party games and prizes through out the party to give artwork a chance to dry and give the more energic children a chance to let off some steam! All parties come with two entertainers to ensure one can stay with those painting and one can play with the children depending on their various wants and needs. This means you can sit back and relax and leave all the fun stuff up to us!


We have various themed parties, please see below and click the image for more information. We can do any themed arts & craft party so if you have something in mind then please get in touch for details.

Please see our prices page for prices per children.

Design and paint 2 squishies to take home! Choose from Unicorns, Ice-Cream, Stars, Rainbows and Hearts
Paint and decorate your own shield for when you go into battle!
Tote Bags
Design and Paint your own Tote Bag to take shopping!
Wooden Puppets
Paint, put together and decorate your own wooden puppets. Choose from Robots, Unicorns, Butterflies, Dinosaurs, Pirates, Clowns, Flamingos and much more!
Keepsake Boxes
Paint and decorate your own keepsake box to store your goodies in!
Superhero Capes
Use fabric paints and accessories to make your own superhero cape!
Make your own dreamcatcher - choose from standard, heart, mermaid, unicorn or lots more!
Pottery Painting
Pottery Painting - Choose from princesses, unicorns, mugs, owls, lamas, cats and much more!
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Superhero Capes

Use fabric paints and accessories to make your own superhero cape!